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Today's card for you, Thursday, November 22

The Hermit, reversed

Card is from the Robin Wood deck, published 2002.

Card is from the Robin Wood deck, published 2002.

This card is a reminder that even - especially! - in the busy times leading up to the holidays, we need to take time for ourselves. The Hermit calls us to spend time in solitude, withdrawn from the world, so that we can recalibrate our hearts and minds and stay centered amidst the chaos. The fact that this card is reversed indicates that you, like most other people, have had a difficult time finding a way to do this. The good news is that you only need 15 minutes a day to make a difference in your life. Try setting a time early in the morning before responsibilities and appointments start piling up. You can meditate (a good basic introductory guide is here) or simply sit by yourself and pay attention to yourself breathing. (The car is a great place to seize some “alone time”.) Stick to this practice for a week and see how it calms and uplifts you.