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Today's card for you, Saturday, November 24

Strength, reversed

Card is from the Robin Wood deck, published 2002.

Card is from the Robin Wood deck, published 2002.

This card ties in to yesterday’s reading, the Eight of Cups reversed. If you’re dealing with a frustrating situation in your life and are thinking of taking drastic action to change it, Strength reversed suggests that’s a bad idea. Trying to impose your desires through force will backfire on you. You’re dealing with a difficult scenario - perhaps a tough opponent who will beat you if it comes to direct conflict. And perhaps the idea of conflict is the root of the problem. Are you seeing everything as a zero-sum game? You don’t always have to smash through the brick wall to accomplish what you want - you can find a way around it that works for everyone. Try gentle guidance and cooperation rather than butting heads, and see what happens.