Tarot Enlightenment

in-depth readings by Heather-Rose Ryan

Today's card for you, Saturday, December 22

La Force - Strength


For this festive week, I’ll be reading from the Major Arcana of the Piatnik Wien deck, also known as the Pointner deck, after the artist Rudolph Pointner. It was published in Austria in 1974.

La Force (Strength) comes up today to encourage you to take heart despite frustration and to be compassionate even when people are driving you crazy. It may be tempting to lash out and start barking orders, trying to make them do things your way, but that will only backfire in the end. You’ll be far more successful by taking a gentle approach and refusing to lose your cool. Accept that people aren’t perfect and will make mistakes. Work on guiding with a patient hand and speaking with love rather than anger. Let go of the ego-based desire to control people and force your will on them. Instead, step back and allow things to unfold. You have the inner strength to be able to do this.