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Today's card for you, Wednesday, February 20

The Moon, reversed

This card is from the Borderless edition of the Rider-Waite deck (1909), published in 2017.

This card is from the Borderless edition of the Rider-Waite deck (1909), published in 2017.

The Moon card reversed following immediately in the footsteps of The High Priestess, yesterday’s card, as well as its repeated appearance upright on February 16 and January 25, carries a heavy message. While the previous cards encouraged you to expand your horizons and develop your spiritual and psychic powers, the sudden appearance of The Moon, reversed, serves as a warning. In this context, the reversal of this card suggests becoming lost in a swamp of illusion/delusion, even falling prey to anxiety, depression, or other mental illness. It could also be cautioning against being sucked into following a cult leader who is a con artist. The way to prevent this is to use psychic protection, also called “spiritual hygiene”, when doing your spiritual/psychic work. Some suggestions: Visualize impenetrable shields of protective white light energy around yourself. Soak in sea salt baths both prior to engaging in your work and afterward. Burn a purifying incense or herb and surround yourself with the cleansing smoke. (Make sure to crack a window open so the negativity can flee elsewhere.) Intent is key: When setting your protections, state that your intention is to protect yourself from any attacks from negative energies, chaotic vibrations, or harmful entities. When finished with your work, make sure to ground yourself with the Tree Meditation before going about your regular business. There are many books on the subject of psychic protection, but the best one is Spiritual Cleansing by the magical practitioner Draja Mickaharic. Remember that protecting yourself is your choice and you make it happen through exercising your will!