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Today's card for you, Monday, February 11

Knight of Pentacles, reversed

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This Knight is organized and methodical. Some might call him plodding, unimaginative, lacking in emotion, even boring. But he always comes through. He’s a “slow and steady wins the race” kind of guy. The reversal of this card indicates that you could use more of this energy in your life right now. You may be flitting around between different projects, trying to decide what your next step will be, and writing down lots of ideas and to-do lists that you put aside and eventually lose. You have the creative energy but not the grounding necessary to bring your projects to completion. You’re dreaming of the garden you want to grow, but haven’t yet picked up a shovel to start digging. This card comes up today to advise you that NOW is the time! Stop fooling around and get down to the real nitty-gritty. Make a coherent plan, break it down into small chunks, and follow it. Stone by stone, build a solid foundation for what you want to do. It’s tedious, dirty work, but without that clear structure to rely on, your dreams won’t come to fruition. The Knight of Pentacles is the least glamorous of the Knights, but he gets things done.