Tarot Enlightenment

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Today's card for you, Monday, April 1

Five of Pentacles, reversed

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

The reversed Five of Pentacles came up last week on March 26! The fact that it’s returned again so soon is a clear indication that its message is especially important and you should pay close attention. Here is the reading from the 26th:

If you’ve been going through a period of financial difficulties that have led to you feeling downhearted and shut out of society, there’s good news - you’ll be moving out of that phase very soon. A major reason for this is that your priorities are changing. You’re gradually realizing that your focus on material wealth and career achievements isn’t enough. You’re searching for a spiritual connection in life, a deeper awareness that goes beyond mere “stuff”. This doesn’t mean that you have to give up your job and move into a monastery (though you might want to consider that option). What it does mean is that you’ll be cutting the superficial, the excess, out of your life and freeing yourself from carrying those burdens. Clear your schedule for meditation and “alone time” now - the insights you receive will guide you to rebuild your financial support system in a sensible, down-to-earth way that will work for you.

A further message that comes through today is to consider your mindset and your approach to things. You could be thinking in terms of lack and scarcity rather than the possibility of having plenty of resources to support yourself. That mentality, while no doubt rooted in your present reality, is likely to lead to more of the same lack. Difficult as it may be, concentrate on reprogramming your thinking to seek the positive in your situation and to find ways to take constructive action. That will be your key to change.