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Today's card for you, Monday, April 22

Five of Swords

This card is from the Borderless edition of the Rider-Waite deck, from 1909.

This card is from the Borderless edition of the Rider-Waite deck, from 1909.

The Five of Swords appeared in the daily reading on March 29. When we see a card come up repeatedly in readings, it’s a sign that its message is important for you and you need to pay closer attention! The Tarot is patient and will keep reminding you. Here’s that reading again:

The Five of Swords suggests that you’ve recently had a conflict with someone and you’re still dealing with the repercussions. You might have technically “won” the dispute but you’re now figuring out that there are considerable downsides to your “victory”. This card cautions against getting embroiled in controversies and engaging in showdowns. Sometimes it’s necessary to put up a fight, but in general, it’s best to pick your battles. Constant combativeness alienates everyone around you. But it’s not too late to transform the situation and salvage your relationships. Open up a line of communication and try to find common ground. Focus on what you agree on and how you can move forward in the future. Your change of approach will pay off for you in the long run.

A further warning which comes through today is to beware of attracting people into your circle who are abrasive in this way. They may resonate with you because you’re putting out those vibes yourself. These people will do you no good - you may feel that they’re exciting and honest, but they will only cause chaos in your life. There’s a difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable. So work on your attitude and avoid “stirring the pot” (even if you enjoy the charge you get out of it). There are times when being feisty is appropriate, but this is not one of them.