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Today's card for you, Friday, April 12

Nine of Pentacles

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

The suit of Pentacles has been cropping up often in these readings. By my count, six of the last 18 daily readings have come up as Pentacles. This Minor Arcana suit concerns physical, practical, and financial matters, and grounding your actions in a firm foundation in order to manifest your dreams in reality. In terms of the elements, Pentacles correspond to Earth. Frequently, Pentacles indicate a literal connection with earth, such as building a new home, planting and tending a garden, and spending time in the outdoors communing with nature. Having so many Pentacles in recent readings suggests that you’ve been thinking about issues related to your work/career and your financial situation. It might also suggest that you’ve been caught up in your emotions and your racing thoughts and need to physically ground yourself in order to move forward.

The woman depicted in the Nine card is independent and the ruler of her own domain. She’s comfortable walking in her beautiful garden, enjoying the fruits of her hard work. The message here is to think of yourself in the same way. Look around and give thanks for everything that’s going well in your life. Pay special attention to the things that YOU have made possible. Consciously filling your heart with gratitude resets your thinking and prepares the way for even better things to come. Another message that this card conveys today is to go outside and appreciate the springtime, focusing on the details of new growth - the buds and tiny green shoots that are appearing everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. Nature persists and grows against all odds, and so will you.