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Today's card for you, Wednesday, April 10

Six of Swords, reversed

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

Have you been dealing with a difficult transition lately? Perhaps you’re involved in a move, a job change, a breakup of a relationship, or caring for an aging or ill relative. If so, this card advises that you have significant baggage you must work on getting rid of before you can move forward. This could be figurative, as in emotional attachments, or literal, as in sorting through a lot of physical possessions. Clinging to this “stuff”, be it emotional or physical, is holding you back and keeping you stuck. Perhaps you’re not 100% sure about the next phase that you’re moving into and that’s why you haven’t “cut the cord” yet. This could have to do with disagreements and conflicts that haven’t yet been resolved. Take time to examine your deep emotions around the situation. Reach out to anyone involved who might feel hurt, loss, or resentment because of the transition and have a heart-to-heart talk with them focused on healing. It’s best for everyone to move on, but the break has to be made with kindness and careful consideration.