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Today's card for you, Wednesday, May 22

Six of Cups, reversed

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published 1991.

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published 1991.

Reminiscing about the past is fine as long as you don’t set up house and live there. The Six of Cups comes up reversed today to suggest that perhaps you’ve been spending too much time longing for days gone by and relationships with loved ones you’ll never see again. Perhaps you’re dwelling on your regrets as much as on your happy memories. If so, you should move on. When you’re stuck in the past, you can’t appreciate what you have in the present, and you can’t take advantage of opportunities for the future. Look around your home - are you surrounded by old stuff that suggests memories to you? Difficult as it will be, work hard to divest yourself of it - if you can’t bring yourself to ditch it all, at least try to get rid of MOST of it! It holds stagnant energy and tends to stifle one’s progress. Take loads of stuff to the thrift shop. And remember, the dump is your friend. Think of Miss Havisham in Dickens’ Great Expectations - sitting in a dark old house surrounded by the long-rotted remains of her doomed wedding feast. You don’t want to end up like her! Make a conscious decision to cut yourself free from the past and move ahead into a bright new day.