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Today's card for you, Friday, July 26

Queen of Swords

This card is from the Rider-Waite deck, borderless edition.

This card is from the Rider-Waite deck, borderless edition.

This Queen is not someone to trifle with. She’s a woman of fierce intelligence and honesty with great clarity of purpose. She comes up today to encourage you to cut through the crap! You may have been in an emotional funk lately, wallowing in gloom and self-pity. You may have experienced some unpleasant things that have left you with hurt feelings. Or, perhaps you’ve been absorbed in a fantasy world, imagining your dream future which you suspect, deep down, will never materialize. But now it’s time to emerge from the miasma of confusion, illusion, and delusion. We’ve been trained to value our feelings and intuition, particularly those of us who are engaged in creative, spiritual, and healing activities, but we need to balance that with rational thought. They complement each other. When we achieve this balance, we see things clearly as well as feel them deeply. The Queen of Swords calls you now to follow her example - develop a clear focus, think things through, create a logical plan for yourself, avoid getting stuck in emotionalism, and, most important of all, reject fakery and lies. Particularly the kind of lies we tell ourselves.