Tarot Enlightenment

in-depth readings by Heather-Rose Ryan

Today's card for you, Saturday, July 27

Nine of Cups, reversed

This card is from the Rider-Waite deck, borderless edition.

This card is from the Rider-Waite deck, borderless edition.

Do you feel as if something you’ve always wished for is hovering just out of your reach? That you’ve made many attempts to achieve your goal, but fallen short every time? This card suggests that you re-evaluate both your goal and the approaches you’ve taken to reach it. There’s a disconnect between your ambition and your effort. Perhaps you haven’t truly committed yourself to doing what is necessary to make it happen. Or your wish isn’t in alignment with your highest good, and you should examine it with greater discernment. It could be that the goal is rooted in the superficial materialism promoted by society, like so many ambitions are. Today, challenge yourself to face the reality here. Are you working diligently towards your goal or merely daydreaming? Is it truly what YOU want and need, or is it something that you’ve been pushed into desiring? You alone have the power to answer these questions.