Tarot Enlightenment

in-depth readings by Heather-Rose Ryan

Today's card for you, Tuesday, August 27

L’Hermite (The Hermit)


The Hermit continues the theme of yesterday’s reading, The Hanged Man, suggesting that it’s time to pause and re-evaluate your situation. But The Hermit specifically calls you to look within and get in touch with your spiritual side. Perhaps you’ve been drawn into the material world a bit too much, focusing on practical issues, work, career, making money. We all have to be conscious of these things, but it’s easy to become obsessed with them, which cuts off our contact with the energy of the Universe. It deadens our sense of the subtle rhythms of life. As Wordsworth wrote, “Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers; Little we see in Nature that is ours”. In a way, we become paralyzed. And unfortunately, our modern culture tends to encourage this spiritual paralysis. So it’s often necessary to withdraw from society and spend time reconnecting with your Higher Self. The Hermit lifts his lamp today to show you the way to do this. It could mean going on a retreat with like-minded people, finding a religious practice which speaks to you, or simply carving out 20 minutes from your busy schedule every day to meditate. It’s up to you. But you must take the first step on the path.