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Today's card for you, Tuesday, September 3

La Mort (Death)

This card is from the Piatnik deck by Rudolph Pointner, published in 1974 in Vienna.

This card is from the Piatnik deck by Rudolph Pointner, published in 1974 in Vienna.

It’s time to close one door and open another. You’ve experienced a profound change that has shocked you and plunged you into the depths of grief and confusion. The actual change may have happened long ago, yet it still haunts you. You’re still hoping that maybe it never happened - you’re clinging to the illusion that everything is still the same. But it’s not. You can only heal from this trauma by consciously putting it in the past. In our society, we observe a person’s death with ceremonies celebrating his or her life and acknowledging our loss. Ceremony is essential to helping us process our grief for a loved one so we can move on. But we encounter many other forms of death and loss in our lives - the end of a relationship, the crushing of an ambition, the leaving of a beloved home. These losses, when they affect you deeply, require a ceremony too. There’s a need to mark the event somehow in order to place it firmly in the past and cut the emotional cords to it, once and for all. Otherwise the shock will continue to reverberate throughout your life. Pinpoint the grievous loss you’ve experienced and create a ceremony to celebrate and mourn what you once had. Then cease the mourning, close the door on it, and open the next door. In creating this part of the ceremony, immerse yourself in symbolism that evokes letting go, freeing yourself, cleansing yourself, emerging into a new phase of your life. Choose a specific song, image, or idea to represent this new phase. Make it as vivid and exciting as possible. When you start trying to return to old patterns of thought, reconnecting the emotional cords to your grief (which usually happens - we humans are creatures of habit), immediately place the new concept in your mind and overwrite the old pattern. If you follow this practice, you’ll soon discover that your focus has changed from the dead past to the living present. You’ll be able to direct your energy to creating a way forward, rather than dwelling on what you’ve left behind.