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Today's card for you, Saturday, September 14

Knight of Cups, reversed

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

Upright, the Knight of Cups represents a powerful energy focused on art, imagination, and emotions. Reversed, the card indicates that this energy is being repressed somehow, leading to stagnation. Does this feel familiar to you? Knights are strong warriors, men of action with a mission to accomplish - even the Knight of Cups, who’s a dreamer and a sensitive romantic! This card suggests that you should find a way to get in touch with your inner Knight of Cups and release his energy into your life. Have you felt the impulse to create art or poetry, or to envision new worlds? Are you moved by humanitarian concerns and drawn to helping others who are less fortunate? Have you thought of becoming a therapist or counselor? We’re often discouraged from these pursuits because we’re told they aren’t practical - that is, they won’t make us much money. But if this is truly your path in life, you’ll forever be frustrated, and the world will lose your voice. Use the Knight of Cups as a symbolic key to unlock your creativity and awaken your visionary side. And remember that Knights don’t just think and talk about stuff - they ride forth and get things done.