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Today's card for you, Tuesday, September 17


This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This card also came up in the daily reading on August 31. Its return so soon indicates that you should pay close attention to it, as it conveys important guidance for this phase of your life. It’s especially significant that it’s a Major Arcana card, as the Major Arcana cards usually speak to the “big picture” of what you’re going through, rather than day-to-day issues.

The Strength card depicts a quiet inner strength rather than a blatantly overpowering one. The woman in the image is controlling the lion not with physical force but with placid guidance. The lion appears to be cooperating without a struggle. If you’re embroiled in conflict at this time, Strength suggests that you let go and refrain from active fighting. Nothing will be gained in this case by a head-to-head clash. To deal with the situation, withdraw into yourself and cultivate your character. Think of the rock on which a lighthouse stands, battered by waves and winds, but always standing firm. This is what it means to have real strength. No matter what kind of disaster unfolds outside, you’ll remain calm, cool, and collected, and will always do the right thing and make the correct moral choice.

But achieving this serene balance can be a difficult task. It means that you must give up indulging in the fierce emotional reactions which are so satisfying for letting off steam and asserting your ego. As the reading said on August 31: “If you've been tempted lately to unleash your raw emotions - anger, grief, resentment, frustration - this card advises you to keep them under strict control. Letting them loose will only cause damage and won't solve your problems. Instead, detach from them and put them aside.” It’s tough to break old habits. But in the end, the only person you can control in life is yourself.