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Today's card for you, Wednesday, September 4

Page of Wands, reversed

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

The Page of Wands often comes up to signify something to do with communication on the internet and social media. Today the card is reversed, which suggests the negative aspect of these methods of communication. The sense is that you might be experiencing a kind of Mercury retrograde effect, in which messages are garbled, blocked, or otherwise problematic. Are you receiving a lot of spam or abusive messages? Have you ordered something online that has been delayed? Perhaps you have an online “friend” who isn’t what he or she claims to be. This card cautions you to be wary and to recognize that online talk isn’t the same as face-to-face conversation. There’s far too much opportunity for scammers, con artists, and just plain trolls to draw you in and steal your money and your time/energy. It might be time to take a break from the world of the internet and ground yourself in real life again.