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Today's card for you, Monday, September 9

The Chariot, reversed

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

This card is from the Robin Wood deck, published in 1991.

There is some aspect of your life (or perhaps another person’s life?) which you’ve been trying to control. You’ve been focused on driving forward aggressively. The Chariot comes up reversed today to suggest that you put on the brakes and back off a bit. This is a situation which won’t be improved by your attempt to impose your will. Pushiness will only result in a block like a brick wall. Time to pause and re-evaluate your goals. If you’re trying to push yourself, think carefully about your objective, and whether it truly fits into your long-range plan. Blocks tend to arise because the Universe is telling you you’re going in the wrong direction. You might have to rework your entire plan, but the extra time and effort will be worth it because you’ll have success once you find the right approach. If you’re trying to push another person, STOP! You’re crossing a line and interfering in something that isn’t your business. There are occasions when it’s OK to be The Boss and put pressure on others, but this isn’t one of them. Respect others’ boundaries and let them operate on their own schedule. Give them space. Allow them to rise to the challenge without your nagging.