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Today's card for you, Monday, September 23

Eight of Swords, reversed

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

The woman is trapped. She's bound to the posts so she can't move forward or backward. She's blindfolded so she can't see her way clear. She's hemmed in by menacing swords. You might be feeling like this woman now. Perhaps you're struggling with overwhelming anxiety, uncertainty, or guilt. You could be in a situation in which you feel restricted - you can't find work, your living conditions are stressful, or you're facing mountains of debt. But this card, reversed, encourages you to change your perspective. Your bonds and your blindfold are self-imposed and you can make them disappear if you choose. The swords can be seen, not as threatening weapons, but as symbolic of the cool, sharp rationality that is characteristic of the suit of Swords. You have the power to pluck these swords from the earth and use them to save yourself. Cut through the emotional turmoil that has made you feel powerless. Use your head! There's always a solution. You can find it if you detach yourself from your fears and anxieties and instead take a calm, intellectual approach. And you're not alone. Ask your friends for counsel. Good friends can ground you and give you better perspective. Two heads are better than one.