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Today's card for you, Tuesday, September 24

King of Cups, reversed

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

This card is from the Morgan-Greer deck, published in 1979.

The King of Cups is an example of a strong authority figure who leads with his heart, through wisdom, compassion, and diplomacy. He has the gift of being able to listen attentively and make the other person feel heard. He's gentle and considerate, balanced in his rulings, able to keep the peace among a diverse population of subjects. He’s the least egotistical of the Kings. He doesn't take disagreement or criticism personally. However, he has clear, firm ideas of what he wants to accomplish, and he manages to achieve his ambitious goals without antagonizing many people. This isn't easy to do. Someone with such a sensitive emotional awareness must have great self-control in order to successfully lead. This card comes up reversed today to suggest that you could benefit from using the King as a model. Are you prone to flying off the handle when a discussion grows heated? Do you tend to view issues in black and white rather than shades of grey? See where you might be failing to hear others' input on important matters. Pay attention to the urge to control others via coercion and manipulation, or simply by talking over them. You have the potential to accomplish many important goals in your life if you can rein in your emotionalism while still remaining empathetic.